2.67 Carat | 3.00 Ratti Natural Blue Sapphire Dark blue Neelam

Brand: Aj Retail

Natural blue sapphire unheated untreated it is recommended for astrology purpose it protects the wearers from unexpected happenings and natural calamity.It may give rapid immense and financial gain, it is best for frustration and alcoholism.In hindi is known as neelam it is very useful when Saturn is aspected or conjuncted by marks or rahu in natal charts.

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Type of Stone:-Blue Sapphire | Color :-Dark Blue | Treatment type:-Color and Clarity Enhance | Planet:-Saturn | Wearing Finger:-Middle finger right or left hand | Certification:-IGL or Geological Institute of India(GII). Benefit of Wearing Blue Sapphire:-Blue Sapphire stone is recommended for saturn which is strongest planet amount all the planet. Blue sapphire help to increase confidence level, business growth and financially stability and protect from evil eye.

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