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Gemstone and Rudraksha Wholesaler and Retailer in Delhi, India

We AJ Retail have started the supply of genuine Nepalese and Indonesian Rudrakshas to promote benefits of Vedic science of rudrakshas and gemstones to the society. We have ensured all the authenticity process are strictly followed and streamlined our quality checks so that our customers receive only 100% pure gemstones and rudrakshas. The authenticity and correct recommendation of gemstones is a very important determinant factor for improving the results of gemstones. We provide certificates and X-rays of our gemstones and Rudrakshas for our satisfaction. We at A J retail not only assure you with pure gemstones and rudrakshas but provide free astrological consultation that will boost your personal and professional success subject to the timelines. The cosmic patterns of gemstones enhance your personal and spiritual inclination and raise your attributes to a higher potential. Our panels of astrologers are professional experts in field of astrology for last 20 years and will brief you the real situational analysis of your horoscope. Gemstones act as a catalyst to influence your life situations with the cosmic vibrations of radiant gemstones and Vedic-power of Rudrakshas. We do not promote superstition but use the scientific research to act as a boon to the life of wearers. 

The gemstones can be worn as finger-rings or pendants depending upon the power of horoscope acting upon the chakras of your body. For Rudrakshas to provide you 100% results you need to follow a set of rules like – 
No non-veg
Not to lie, steal or cheat
Adultery and drugs to be avoided
Donation to done as per one’s capacity
Chant Shiv mantras on Monday
Positive mind-set

Further guidance will be given by our Rudraksha expert who is available only once in a week on prior appointment only. We have started this consultation from the grass-root level after working with top-most gemstones dealers and aspire to reach higher heights with support of our customers and their happy blessings.

Gemstone and Rudraksha Wholesaler and Retailer

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