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Best Gemstone Dealer in Delhi including diamond and Rudraksha in delhi(India)

AJ design and retail is one of the best Gem stone dealer in Delhi, We are Enagage in dealing in only Pure Gemstone, Rudraksha, Rudraksha Mala , Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Moissanite and all kind of Semi precious Stone Beaded, Our Price is not less then 40% discount from Market, If you compare our gemstone price with other Dealer you will surely be happy to deal with us, As Gemstone has not fix price and not any actual Brand tag, so people are selling product according to his price.


Astrology Energize Ruby – The positive aspects of sun bless wearer with sharpness of mind, beauty and wisdom of body. Sun with positive Mars enhances wearer with success and prosperity and gives abundance in the home. The wearer has long lifespan, good eyesight and radiant skin. Sun is powerful enhancer for politicians, industrialists, leaders and other aspirant people. The Sun is a source of vitality and growth not only to wearer but also wearer. It is responsible to create a strong, beautiful, sturdy constitution of wearer.


Gulabi Pukhraj Astrology – Besides blue and yellow sapphire, pink sapphire is rare in nature and enhancer of emotional and psychic properties of an individual. The pink sapphire is also known as Lotus Blossom in ancient literature. The gemstone is recommended for lawyers or visionaries or female leaders and entrepreneurs. It balances moods and emotional illness of wearer. Pink sapphire brings out feminine essence in the female wearers, increases their commitment, nurturing strength, loving abilities and emotional well-being.


Indra nila stone is best effective among all blue sapphire stone, Indra nila start effect quickly with repsect to Jal nila, Mayur nila as Its proper Blue color. Indra Nila is also rare and costly according to Jal nila and Mayur Nila Stone, So we Recommend Indra Nila if you want immediate effect of Blue Sapphire stone.Indra Nila always recommended to wear in white gold.


The name Vedic Astrology Sapphire Stone (Greek—blue) used to be applied to various stones. In antiquity and as late as the Middle Ages, the name sapphire was understood to mean what is today described as lapis lazuli. Around 1800 it was recognized that sapphire and ru are gly the blue variety was called sap-phire, and corundums of other colors (with the exception of red) were given spe-cial, misleading names, such as “Oriental peridot” for the green variety and “Ori-ental topaz” for the yellow type.

Rudraksha(रुद्राक्ष मुखी) benefit as per vedic(वैदिक) astrology

Best Rudraksha from 1 to 21 (ekkish) Mukhi Pure Rudraksha dealer is ‘’AJRETAIL’’, Because AJRETAIL is providing best quality Rudraksha from last 10 Year. Ajretail is selling certified as well as X-ray certified Rudraksha, Which is not supplied by others.Rudraksha is farming by farmer in Nepal and Rudraksha can be used for different purpose. All Rudraksha recommended for different purpose and different Mukhi Rudraksha rulled by different planet and Different God. After many year of Research proof that rudraksha is effective like a medicine like if you do yoga on daily basis you will not have health related problem just like that if you wear rudraksha as recommended by educated astrologer rudraksha always give positive effect.

Zambian Panna stone also known as Zambian Emerald

Zambian Panna Stone also known as Zambian Emerald is easily available in market is not very costly gemstone, but if you buy good color without enhancement and without any treatment with GIA/IGI lab certified it will be little costly. Zambian Panna stone is recommended for astrological purpose for budha mercury Planet.It can be weared in right hand little finger or left hand ring finger in yellow gold.

Major difference b/w ratti yellow sapphire, ratting blue sapphire and ratti emerald

First we would like to introduce about our company.We AJRETAIL is one and only the best gemstone dealer in world who is providing natural gemstone with 100% satisfaction and very good price.We are completely Team of Gemoloist who are graduated from GIA, IGI and IGL.

Ajretail is one of the Best Gemstone Dealer In Entire World

AJRETAIL is one of best Gemstone dealer in world, who can understand client requirement and priding actual goods to the client.The best Gemstone dealer is not means that only selling Gemstone , Service is also More important if you are buying natural Gemstone you need to take time from the supplier at least 10 to 15 days for checking stone effect.

Pure Certified AAA+ Natural Gemstone which is very rare by AJRETAIL

Buy 100% Real Natural Gemstone at best price Guarantee.We have available all kind of Manik, Pukhraj,Akik, agate. fire agate , sulemani, ruby raugh, synthetic diamond, lab grown diamond, original diamond,pure gold studded pukhraj ring, pure gold studded panna ring, pure gold studded

Buy Natural Gemstone Silver studded and Gold Plated Ring at Just Rs.1199

We have available all kind of Natural Gemstone Like,Panna Ring, Ruby Ring, Manik Ring , Akik Ring, Agate Ring, Neelam Ring, Topaz Ring, Yellow Topaz Ring , Blue Topaz Ring , Pink Sapphire Ring, Pukhraj Ring, Pushpraj Ring and Many More IGL Certified Ring available at best price with 30 days replacement Guarantee.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire

As we know Ceylon Blue sapphire stone is astrologically fast acting gems and its start effect fastly with respect to all other Gemstone, So Be Careful Before Buying natural blue sapphire its also known as a neelam stone and some people know by the name of indra nila and jal nila.There are verious types of blue sapphire available in market like light blue, dark blue, heated ,unheated and glass field. Blue Sapphire stone suggested for Saturn.

Best Rudraksha Dealer in Delhi Including Natural Gemstone Like Panna, Pukhraj & Neelam

The word rudraksha is derived from two words - rudra (रुद्र) and aksha (अक्ष). The source of reaching the higher level of spiritual enlightenment hidden in one own self through the divine guidance of cosmic manifestation. Aksha means eye. Rudra and aksha means the one who is capable of looking at and doing everything (for example, the third eye). Aksha also means axis. Since the eye can rotate on one axis, it too is known as aksha.

Natural Yellow Sapphire and Natural AAA+ Rudraksh

As AJ DESIGN AND RETAIL is one of the best Gemstone dealer in india and delhi, Because AJRETAIL is only providing quality Gemstone Like Yellow Sapphire, Emerald,Citrine, Topaz, Ruby , Sapphire, Panna, Katela, Agate, Sulemani, Pushrajam, 1 Mukhi Rudraksha to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha With lab Certification according to client demand.

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