Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is the most powerful stone among all the Gemstones. As it is extremely effective Natural Blue Sapphire gemstone, wearer should consult with astrologer before buying. Neelam stone Ruling the planet Saturn and this Planet is the strongest Planet among all the Planets.
The Neelam Stone has their Sanskrit name in Hindi as  नीलम, इंद्रा नीलम, इंद्रा नीला, जल नीला,पंखुरी नीला और मयूर पंखी नीला.
Below are some of the benefits that wearer can get:-
1 - Immediate business growth
2 - Immediate financial loss recover
3 - Good Luck
Neelam stone should wear with silver Metal in finger of right hand.
Save Rs.4,500.00