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Jan 18 2019

world Biggest Gemstone Dealer

AJRETAIL is  one of best Gemstone dealer in world, who can understand client requirement and priding actual goods to the client.The best Gemstone dealer is not means that only selling Gemstone , Service is also More important if you are buying natural Gemstone you need to take time from the supplier at least 10 to 15 days for checking stone effect. Because Gemstone word is very typical and no one around the world fix price of Gemstone, few people selling gemstone too costly to buyer and using him by the name fake astrologer. Only 10 to 15 % People Providing correct astrology advice.The person who will provide you correct astrology advice they will not push up for buying only costly but they will guide you firstly check from medium quality or low quality if that stone will be suitable then you can go for best quality.

Astrology Gemstone always not looking very good and all Astrology Gemstone can be less clear but it should be without black spot and all for good astrological effect of stone.

Best Gemstone dealer can't Give fake certificate , can't deal without bill and all, only fake Gemstone will force to pay cash against buying the gemstone.

Best Gemstone Dealer always respect you , Fake Gemstone dealer will disconnect call after first purchase or or they can say i am not taking guarantee.

Few People might be tell to client they are best because they are in this industry from several year, Kindly check his certificate if he is best Gemstone dealer and in  how many year he is stable in market of lying with client .Because there are many astrologer in market his age is not more then 35 year and they will ask you he is in this business from 50 year and he is best Gemstone dealer in India.

We AJ DESIGN AND RETAIL are registered under Delhi Government , GJPEC, DGFT, ISO and Many more Certified Company.We are exporting and retailing as per legal methology and providing best service to client.So always provide very good service after sales and before sales. We are request once deal with us you will know how we doing business  and why we are telling we are best Gemstone dealer. Our price and very good with respect to Market.

What Product We offer

1> Yellow Sapphire also Known as Pukhraj In hindi

2> Blue Sapphire also Known as Neelam In Hindi

3> Ruby also known as Chunni and Manik In hindi

4> Emerald also known as Pnachmunga and Panna in hindi

5>Pearl also known as Moti in hindi

6>Yellow Topaz

7> Blue Topaz

8> Amethyst also know as katela in hindi

and Many more collection of Gemstone available from Entire world with Reputed Lab Certified.

We have available CASH ON DELHIVERY, ONLINE, EMI facility in india.

We have easily available 30 days replacement facility.

For further details you can check in our website or call us +919990829555 24X7

difference b/w carat and ratti

 What Gemstone We offer 

> Yellow Sapphire with 5 star quality

> Blue Sapphire with 5 star quality

> Emerald with 5 star quality

>Pink sapphire with 5 star quality 

and all Semi precious Gemstone with Guarantee for sure with 100% Pure and Genuine as well as toppest quality around the world for sure .

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