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Gulabi Pukhraj  Astrology


Sanskrit Name – Padmaraag

English name – Pink Sapphire (rare)

Metal to set the ring –  Silver

Mantra – Om! Haraam Hareem Haroom Sah Surai Namah

Gulabi Pukhraj  Astrology – Besides blue and yellow sapphire, pink sapphire is rare in nature and enhancer of emotional and psychic properties of an individual. The pink sapphire is also known as Lotus Blossom in ancient literature. The gemstone is recommended for lawyers or visionaries or female leaders and entrepreneurs. It balances moods and emotional illness of wearer. Pink sapphire brings out feminine essence in the female wearers, increases their commitment, nurturing strength, loving abilities and emotional well-being.

Pink sapphire rejuvenates wearer from past wounds and motivates them for an new beginning.

In ancient times, the stone had guided travelers to find way back home and hence is said to be a guardian star. Pink sapphire is also known to be a gemstone for origin of enlightenment and healing.

The gemstone has treated chronic diseases, depressions, mood swings, mental ailments, emotional wounds, disconnection.

Pink sapphire improves the anatomy and psychological condition of the wearer promoting healthy living and emotional healing. It improves enthusiasm of wearer, making them confident and positive. Inspires wearer to accept changes in life, understand the emotional needs and feelings.

Best quality of pink sapphires is found in mines in Kashmir and Ceylon. The stone is very expensive than blue, white or yellow sapphires, very difficult to find an natural, untreated pink sapphire.

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