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Astrology Energize Ruby


Sanskrit Name – Manik

English name – Ruby

Metal to set the ring  – Gold depending on intensity of planet


To be worshiped on Sunday morning by offering water before sun reciting the divine mantra – “Om Suryaye Namah”

The finest ruby is of dark pink color with light luster.

Astrology Energize Ruby Or SuryaratanAstrology Energize Ruby – The positive aspects of sun bless wearer with sharpness of mind, beauty and wisdom of body. Sun with positive Mars enhances wearer with success and prosperity and gives abundance in the home. The wearer has long lifespan, good eyesight and radiant skin. Sun is powerful enhancer for politicians, industrialists, leaders and other aspirant people. The Sun is a source of vitality and growth not only to wearer but also wearer. It is responsible to create a strong, beautiful, sturdy constitution of wearer. Sun is a giver of life, wealth, brilliance, good fortune, fame, prosperity to wearers.

The Sun rules the major parts in human body like heart, liver, blood circulation, lungs, head (brain), nerves, and bones.

Astrology Energize Ruby gemstones benefit ascendants born under the influence of Leo sunsign.

Wearing genuine ruby will eliminate malefic effects of sun planet. Reciting Gayatri Mantra can lead the wearer to a positive outset.

Ruby stone stimulates energy of heart chakra and root chakra. It enhances the stimulation of pineal gland. The stone opens creative and sexual powers of individual providing the wearer with power of synchronicity and passion.

As ruby is very powerful it should be worn in pendant form to touch heart chakra. Ruby is a divine stone known to awaken Kundalini Shakti and reach wearer to bliss.

Vedic Astrology Energize Ruby Stone Characteristics

Color:varying red(Pigeon blood color from burma most desirable)
Color of streak: White
Mohs’ hardness: 9

Specific gravity:-4.00

Optical character:- Uniaxial(-)

Cleavage: None
Crystal system:Trigonal(hexagonal);hexagonal prisms or tablet,rhombhodhera
Chemical composition: Al2O3 Aluminium oxide
Transparency: transparent to opaque
Refractive index: 1.762 to1.774


Birefringence: —0.008
Dispersion: 0.018
Pleochroism: Strong ,yellow red,deep ruby red
Absorption spectrum: 6942,6928,6680,6592,6100-5000,4765,4750,4685
Fluorescence: strong, ruby red

Natural incusion:crystals,silk:fine needle like inclusion,fingerprints,hexagonal gowth banding


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