Zambian Panna stone also known as Zambian Emerald

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Zambian Panna Stone also known as Zambian Emerald is easily available in market is not very costly gemstone, but if you buy good color without enhancement and without any treatment with GIA/IGI lab certified it will be little costly. Zambian Panna stone is recommended for astrological purpose for budha mercury Planet.It can be weared in right hand little finger or left hand ring finger in yellow gold. 

Shape of effective in Zambian emerald 

Oval shape:-Moderately Effective 

Cushion shape with excellent symmetry :- Best effective 

Emerald cut with Excellent symmetry :-Good Effective

Pear Shape with Excellent Symmetry:-Great Effective 

These all shape are easily available in market, cost may be differ but in emerald always preference is Cushion shape for astrological purpose.

Zambian Emerald is not 100% Transparent, Its normally transparent from 50% to 90% but color of Zambian Emerald super green with respect to other Mines Emerald stone .

For astrological purpose we can use good Zambian Emerald with GII,GIA or IGL lAB Certified. You can also get more knowledge of Emerald from our website or reach us +919990614555

Vedic Astrology Emerald Stone Characteristics

Color: Emerald green,light green,yellow green,dark green
Color of streak: White
Mohs’ hardness: 7.5 to 8

Specific gravity:-2.67 to 2.78

Optical character:- Uniaxial(-)

Cleavage: None
Crystal system: Hexagonal(Trigonal).hexagonal prisms,columnar
Chemical composition: Al2Be3(Si6o18) aluminum berylium silicate
Transparency: transparent to opaque
Refractive index: 1.576 to 1.582


Birefringence: —0.006
Dispersion: 0.014
Pleochroism: definite;green,blue green,to yellow green
Absorption spectrum: 6835,6806,6620,6460,6370,(6060),(5940),6300-5800,4774,4725
Fluorescence: Usually none

Natural incusion:2 phase inclusion,hollow tubes,magnetite inclusion


wearing process




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