Ceylon Blue Sapphire

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As we know Ceylon Blue sapphire stone is astrologically fast acting gems and its start effect fastly with respect to all other Gemstone, So Be Careful Before Buying natural blue sapphire its also known as a neelam stone and some people know by the name of indra nila and jal nila.There are verious types of blue sapphire available in market like light blue, dark blue, heated ,unheated and glass field. Blue Sapphire stone suggested for Saturn.

Generally blue sapphire used for making different kind of Faisan ring , That's why blue sapphire is costly with respect to other Gemstone. In different country blue sapphire using for making necklace, bracelet, pendant and ring.But specially in India Blue Sapphire is recommended to make Astrological ring , pendant and Bracelet only for astrological effect.

Blue Sapphire Types Available in Market:-

1>Natural Blue Sapphire 

2>Heated Blue Sapphire 

3>Glass field Blue Sapphire 

4> Synthetic Corundum

5> Color Treated Blue Sapphire

Origin of Blue Sapphire stone :-

1> Burma

2> India Kashmir

3> Srilanka( Ceylon)

4> Orissa India


Generally Mines In these country only available.

Blue Sapphire Property;-

1> Hardness:- 9

2> Gravity :-4


3> Spectrum color >Orange 

Blue Sapphire Color :-

1:-Dark Blue :-Vary Rare

2:-Dark Blue With Heated:-Rare Not Very Rare 

3:-Light Blue Sapphire 

4:-Sky Blue Blue Sapphire

Types of Blue Sapphire :-

1:-Blue Sapphire-Neelam

2:-Blue Sapphire :-Pitambri Neelam

3:-Blue Sapphire :-Raktamri Neelam

4:-Blue Sapphire :-Indra Neelam

5:-Blue Sapphire:-Jal Neelam

6:-Blue Sapphire :-Raktmukhi Neelam

These name normally used by astrologer and Jeweler in India .

Now We are Going to explain one of One point Kindly Read Carefully because now what i am going to explain you if you read properly you will never cheated in market as now day every one is gem seller some are selling glass and some are selling synthetic Corundum. 

I am Repeated Below mention point because i am going to explain about these point.

1>Natural Blue Sapphire :-

Natural Blue Sapphire Means No Heat and No treat, No heat and No treat means its only cut from nature rough stone, its very rare and costly too.We can't recognize its natural or synthetic by eye or normal tester so better to get tested report from reputed lab like IGI/GIA/IGL, Few lab don't understand the meaning of heated and treated to test it in reputed lab only. Don't by glass in the price of Gold.

Price Range of Natural Blue Sapphire is Starting from Rs.5000/carat to Rs.1.25lac/carat.

Origin recommended for Blue sapphire is Srilanka and Burma as kashmiri not available easily in market.

2>Heated Blue Sapphire :-

Heated Blue sapphire is just like sugar in milk , let us suppose if you put sugar in milk test will be change like that.All property and all match with real blue sapphire only slightly heated for enhancing color and clarity.Its not a big thing its general thing so we can go for heated blue sapphire , there are no bad effect and all with heated blue sapphire. so price and origin all will be same like blue sapphire.


3>Glass field Blue Sapphire ;-

Glass filed blue sapphire is not recommended as its like a created blue sapphire in lab in different process, so this is not recommended either for astrological purpose or for jewelry designing .

Cost of Heated Glass field  Blue Sapphire:-Rs.5/carat to Rs.100/carat


4> Synthetic Corundum:-

Now Days in Market few people are using synthetic corundum , its big game for cheating synthetic corundum is actual look like real blue sapphire , all property are same, few of local lab  will write heated blue sapphire but its complete synthetic Blue Sapphire which is available i market approx Rs.5000/kg means Rs.1/carat origin of stone in Lab no any origin ...........

5> Color Treated Blue Sapphire:-

Color Treated Blue Sapphire is same like Glass field sapphire .

1:-Dark Blue :-Vary Rare

There are Huge demand in Market for Making Jewellry, thats why dark blue sapphire unheated or heated both are very rare and costly too. But astrological no problem if we are using light blue sapphire and dark blue sapphire .

2:-Dark Blue With Heated:-Rare Not Very Rare 

As i have mention dark blue heated or non heated both are rare .

3:-Light Blue Sapphire 

Light blue sapphire top to top quality easily available in market , from Rs.10000/carat to Rs.25000/carat Top Quality.

4:-Sky Blue Blue Sapphire

This is also rare as many people looking for big size for making pendant its look very attractive and shiny.

1:-Blue Sapphire-Neelam:-

Blue Sapphire Neelam is specially recommended for saturn and neelam can be wear in right hand or left hand in middle finger in white gold, platinum or Silver.

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