Major difference b/w ratti yellow sapphire, ratting blue sapphire and ratti emerald or carat yellow sapphire, carat blue sapphire, carat emerald and other stone in Punjab

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The major difference b/w carat and ratti is very difficult to calculate now say because many people don't know about carat and ratti.

Simple calculation says

0.91 carat =1 ratti 

But this calculation sometime flap as few according to few astrologer ratti and carat is 40% difference that's is completely wrong. 

Pandit and gemologist

But in semi precious stone you can use scale 

0.60 carat =1 ratti

But in precious stone only use 

0.91 carat =1 ratti

Ratti name or measure only valid in india. 

Better only wear stone in carat not in ratti, normally cut stone 4,6,9ct size is very good for male and 3,3.65 and 11 carat us very good for female. 


Gemstone recommendation for finger 


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